10 Essential Money Saving Tips for Canada 1st Time Home Buyers – Infographic

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First home buyers often feel lost and end up making common property buying mistakes that can cost them an arm and a leg! When purchasing your biggest asset, help is at hand in the form of this interesting Infographic, conceptualized and designed by ForceclosureSearch.ca, Canada’s foremost online service helping home buyers find properties below their market price.

The Infographic, ‘10 Essential Saving Tips for Canada 1st Time Home Buyers’, shares important information and useful tips for first home buyers in Canada, helping them save much more on their dream home. The easy to understand and attractively designed Infographic shares the property market secrets such as loan pre-approval, importance of HOA documents and including contingency clauses in your contract as well as avoiding PMI payments. Get more out of your mortgage by following the tips in this powerful and handy Infographic, below: